Renzo Taddei

Another interview! Renzo Taddei is a professor at the Graduate Program in Social Sciences and at the Sea Institute of the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP). An engineer-turned-anthropologist, his research focuses on the different ways to understand and live the atmosphere; and he has done field research among meteorologists and the so-called “rain prophets” of the backlands of Brazil’s Northeastern region. Taddei edited, with Ana Laura Gamboggi, the book After the Rain Did Not Come: Social Responses to Drought in the Amazon, the Northeast and the South of Brazil (2010). The title of his lecture at our colloquium is Altergeoengeneering, in which he will discuss the relation between climate engineering and cultural contexts where the understanding of the environment does not reproduce the materialist (or naturalist, to use the term proposed by Philippe Descola) standards of the Western thought and are more connected to the animistic forms of relationship between humans and the elements – in particular, he will talk about how Amerindian and Afro-brazilian traditions think the theme of the manipulation of the atmosphere, and how they can contribute to the debate about geoengineering. In the video, he talks about the prophets of rain and the Coral Snake Chief, among others, and gets a very special visit at 7’38 “. Take a look! To turn the subtitles on, click the captions icon, then Turn Captions On.


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