The papers

Alexandre Nodari – Limitar o limite: modos de subsistência

Peter Szendy – Écologie et économie générale

Alexandre Costa – Sobre Crise Ecológica, Violência e Capitalismo no Século XXI

Lesley Green – Fracking, Oikos and Omics in the Karoo: Reimagining South Africa’s reparative energy politics

Isabelle Stengers – Gaia, the Urgency to Think (and Feel)

Patrick Curry – Defending the Humanities in a Time of Ecocide

Alf Hornborg – Does the Anthropocene Really Imply the End of Culture/Nature and Subject/Object Distinctions?

Renzo Taddei – Alter Geoengineering

Marco Antonio Valentim – A sobrenatureza da catástrofe

Juliana Fausto – Os desaparecidos do Antropoceno

Bronislaw Szerszynski – The Anthropocene and the memory of the Earth

Bruno Latour – How to make sure Gaia is not a God? with special attention to Toby Tyrrell’s book On Gaia


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