Cusicanqui, Taddei, Hornborg, Szerszynski, Süssekind, Fausto, Cavalieri, Medeiros and Santilli!

Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui:
Renzo Taddei:
Alf Hornborg:
Bronislaw Szerszynski:
Felipe Süssekind:
Juliana Fausto & Cecilia Cavalieri:
Rondinelly Medeiros:
Marcio Santilli:

Still more videos!

Ailton Krenak, Eduardo Viveiros de Castro , and Vinciane Despret!

Seven more videos!

Alexandre Nodari, Alexandre Costa, Antonio Nobre, Carlos MondragonIsabelle Stengers, José Augusto Pádua and Peter Szendy! Take a look!

More videos and our youtube channel

We are still uploading the videos of the colloquium! Lesley Green, Patrice Maniglier, Déborah Danowski and Eduardo Sterzi lectures and Maniglier and Green debate are now available on our Youtube channel 

The first video: Bruno Latour

Now we have our first video! And you can watch Bruno Latour’s speech What does it mean to obey “the Laws of Gaia” in trying to keep up with the old imperative: “Natura non nisi parendo vincitur”? just here:

Povinelli, Haraway and many thanks!

Our colloquium was a success! Many thanks to everyone who went to Casa de Rui Barbosa, watched it via streaming and participated in the debate. We were thrilled with the result and we hope that The Thousand Names of Gaia has helped to encourage discussion and action on environmental issues in their various forms and voices.

As they are edited, we are going to make the conference videos available here . For now and by request, here are the two video-interviews that were exhibited during the past week: the wonderful Elizabeth Povinelli and Donna Haraway!

Colloquium brochure

Click here to view the brochure

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